Ask a Matchmaker: What do Women Really Want?

“Remember that scene in What Women Want when Mel Gibson is granted the ability to tap into women’s inherent desires? Well, that’s how Emily Holmes Hahn of LastFirst Matchmaking feels on a regular basis. The sounding board to the romantic preferences of New York’s single set, she generously volunteered to let us in on the perennial mystery: what is it that we are all looking for?!”

Matchmaking in the Time of Swiping, ‘Dating Greed,’ and #MeToo

“Since I last spoke to Emily two years ago, the world has become a different place – a cultural mishmosh of female empowerment and chauvinistic rebuttal, of communal dating fatigue and a simultaneous quest for genuine human connection. Curiously, matchmaking happens to be on an exponential rise, with more (affluent, time-constrained) individuals choosing to delegate their love lives to the pros. I pinned Emily down to discuss what it’s like to be a love guru in the time of the swiping epidemic, “dating greed” and #MeToo.”

Profesional Intervention: I Tried Matchmaking

“You see, as confident as I am in Emily’s ability to find me a viable life companion (in fact, she is already halfway there with one of my friends), I’m not sure if I want her to. Just like I had never allowed my parents to tell me what school to go to or what to major in, I am too inherently stubborn for handholding. At the end of the day, I just want to make my own mistakes – and you can bet five figures that I will. As for the rest of you, you should email Emily.”