New York matchmaker shares her top style tips to get you noticed by guys, from the importance of flashing some leg to the prints men prefer on women

“Spring’s warmer weather has us radiating more body heat and feeling sexier. FEMAIL turned to Emily Holmes Hahn, founder of LastFirst – a matchmaking club headquartered in Manhattan – for some style tips on how to turn heads this season.”

Meeting your significant other‘s parents this holiday season? FEMAIL has your outfit inspiration (and what to wear to your sweetie’s office parties and friends’ fetes, too)

“Assume that a new boyfriend’s parents will be more conservative than you, so dress accordingly within your own wardrobe! If you have an idea of his mother’s style, you could look to that for beginning inspiration.”

A couple that dresses together, stays together? FEMAIL chats with dating expert and founder of LastFirst, Emily Holmes Hahn, about the do‘s and don’ts to matching with your partner

“‘A couple unexpectedly matching might suggest an in-sync pair that’s on the same wavelength,’ says LastFirst founder Emily Holmes Hahn. ‘If done intentionally, matching attire shows unity and partnership to onlookers.'”