• “New York’s premiere bespoke matchmaking club”

    -Hamptons Magazine

  • “Emily Holmes Hahn is the matchmaker to New York’s creative and fashion elite”

    – Women’s Wear Daily

  • “LastFirst’s approach to this ancient art has become a fashion world fixation”

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  • “Everything about the experience is decidedly up to date”

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  • “Unlike dating apps which are designed to keep users swiping, Hahn wants clients to find serious relationships.”

    – The Observer

  • “One of the city’s coolest boutique matchmaking clubs”

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  • “Hahn and Co. have a proven track record of setting up dozens of lasting relationships, often leading to marriage”

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  • “It’s a luxury unparalleled process unlike anything else on the market.”

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  • “The LastFirst Team helps you navigate between what you want and what you need while searching for The One.”

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  • “The whole process was so smooth and eye-opening, it’s something I’d recommend to anyone”

    – The Coveteur

“This isn’t about having trouble dating on your own; it’s about how valuable your time is to you. How valuable were those hours spent on dates that didn’t look like their photos, or misrepresented their age? How valuable were those months spent getting to know someone who wasn’t ultimately a match?”

-Emily Holmes Hahn, Founder


LastFirst is a bespoke matchmaking club headquartered in New York City, with membership branches in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, London and Paris. Our success comes first from listening to our clients, and then using our exclusive contacts and targeted networking to seek the highest quality and most relevant matches. LastFirst adheres to a precise approach to finding your true love – customized, thoughtful, and proactive. Our mission is to send each client on his or her last first date.

LastFirst differs from the mainstream matchmaking companies through a personalized and boutique-minded practice. By carefully screening all membership candidates for a unique and specific set of criteria, we’ve built up a membership of the world’s most eligible individuals.

Using a bit of science and a lot of intuition, our team of matchmakers helps each client find committed companionship in the most efficient, easy and enjoyable way.


Emily Holmes Hahn


Over the course of her career, Emily Holmes Hahn has placed countless couples into lasting relationships, often leading to marriage. With a cosmopolitan network and an innate way of connecting with friends and strangers alike, she accompanies each client step-by-step along the most important “headhunt” of their lives.

Emily’s matchmaking style is founded on the utmost respect for the privacy and preferences of her clients.  She eschews directing, coaching, and persuading, defying the stereotypes of the industry. Instead, Emily observes the uniqueness in each client, and sees that they are matched in a bespoke way, tailored to their individual relationship goals. After years of work behind-the-scenes at one of the city’s biggest matchmaking firms, Emily sensed a gap in the market for an intensely personalized, discreet and chic dating service, that would appeal more to girls like herself and her friends. She founded LastFirst in 2014 as a small independent consultancy, and has grown the business slowly in a boutique model, always prioritizing the client experience.

Before discovering her passion for matchmaking, Emily lived in Paris working for Ralph Lauren and completing a graduate program at La Sorbonne, all the while perfecting her “je ne sais quoi.” Prior to that, she received a BFA and BA from NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts and College of Arts and Sciences.

Emily enjoys pressed juice and champagne (often at the same time) and is a firm believer in the power of a little black dress. Traveling, cycling, yoga, ballet and theater-going provide balance to her busy schedule. Emily and her husband reside in Tribeca and divide their time between the city and their home in East Hampton.

Rachel McCollum

Matchmaking Director

Born and raised between a ranch in Montana and boarding school in Switzerland, Matchmaking Director Rachel McCollum is as versatile as her background suggests. After receiving her design degree from Parson’s, she worked as a designer at luxury accessories house Devi Kroell, then a PR executive at Nadine Johnson, all the while developing her own handbag line. Her former careers have had her living in Spain, France and Colombia, and in recent years she’s hit the ground running back in NYC, currently residing in Williamsburg.

As Matchmaking Director of LastFirst, Rachel’s passion now lies in connecting our members in a way that’s both scientific and highly intuitive. Beyond sourcing and making matches, arranging dates, conducting interviews for network members and logging post-date feedback, Rachel becomes a fast friend and ultimately trusted confidante to every one of our clients. Rachel’s empathy and centered-ness allow her to give amazing relationship advice in ways that resonate with all different kinds of people.

An impassioned foodie, Rachel is an equal lover of flavorful Thai and technical French cuisines, and can often be found indulging at the city’s hottest tables. Rachel also is prone to spontaneous weekend travel, finding a sense of home anywhere from a Paris five-star to her camp at Burning Man. Rachel loves horseback riding, yoga, skiing and SCUBA diving whenever she can too, as ways to unwind from her fast-paced work weeks.




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