How To Get Ready For A First Date: Here’s The Pre-Date Ritual You Need To Adopt

“At LastFirst we are big advocates of the ‘pre-date ritual.’ It is different for everyone but we all need to get into our best states for a successful first date…”

What To Wear On A First Date: Expert Reveals What Your Outfit Really Says About You

“I tell clients that your first date outfit can speak louder than words! Did you come straight from work (or worse- the gym?), or did you invest a little time to go home and change into a head-turning ensemble? Pulling together a fashionable and occasion-appropriate look indicates how seriously you are taking your date, and yourself.”

What To Wear When You’re Watching The Game: How To Craft The Perfect Date Night Look

“If your significant other invites you out to watch the game with your friends, don’t panic — Emily Holmes Hahn, founder of LastFirst, offered up your new go-to outfit.”

Your Perfect Summer Date Night Outfit Decoded: Here’s What To Wear

“While it all comes down to the type of date and your specific type of style, Emily did say there is a foolproof look everyone should incorporate into their wardrobe — and having your outfit ready to go is one less thing to stress about!”

Going Away With Your Boyfriend For The First Time? What To Pack For A Successful Trip

 “In terms of “don’ts,” I would advise against pushing back on any of the group’s plans. Even if you don’t want to go on a hike, if the group has agreed upon it, it’s annoying if you object or say you’re going to “sit it out.”

What You Should Wear When You Meet His Friends For The First Time

“If you’re meeting over dinner, Emily recommends seizing the opportunity to show off a more polished, dressed-up get-up. “This is an opportunity to dress up a little more. A patterned dress or skirt and sleeveless top, with peep toe heels and a pretty clutch. It’s not good to be too revealing at a dinner with friends, but definitely do showcase your favorite body part for your SO to notice.”